Getting to know Attorney Shequel Ross. . .Who is SHE?


Q: Where were you born and what schools did you attend?

A: I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. For undergrad, I attended Arizona State University, and for law school, I went to Western Michigan at Thomas Cooley Law School in East Lansing Michigan.


Q: Why did you want to be an Attorney?

A: I have always wanted to be an Attorney. As a young child, I would act out court scenes while parading around my parent’s living room.  I also have a natural ability to take up for others. In grade school, I was the one taking up for others and defending them when they were in trouble.

I also credit my desire to be a lawyer to the example I saw in my parents. I saw them fight for the State of Arizona to get Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Holiday. While working as a caseworker, I used their example of courage and leadership to organize meetings with Arizona State Senators and Legislators in order to change legislation in areas where families were treated unfairly. 


Q: Why did you choose Georgia to practice law?

A:  My mother attended Atlanta University and Emory, so Georgia has always had a special place in my heart. Atlanta is where I discovered my passion for trial practice.  While still in law school, I interned with The DeKalb County Public Defender’s Office and after graduating, I was privileged to work with great Georgia attorneys like Dwight Thomas and Beverly Taylor. I also had the amazing opportunity to assist in the representation of high profile clients like Burrell Ellis, the former CEO of DeKalb County. I’m honored at the reception I received in Georgia, so I have committed to making it my home and defending its citizens.


Q: What areas of law do you practice?

A: I practice Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, and Business Law.


Q: Why do you use the phrase “SHE law?”

A: It is a play on my name that also speaks to the truth of who I am and the personal service I intend to deliver to each client.  “SHE will fight for you. SHE will defend you. Is SHE your attorney? Contact The Law Offices of SHEquel Ross.” 855-5-SHE-law.


Q: What makes you different from other attorneys?

A: When you hire me, you are hiring a natural fighter. I believe I bring something to the table that is like no other attorney: Conquering my own personal struggles birthed the desire to help others navigate the legal system.  I want to make sure that my clients know that they are not alone – they have my complete support and attention. I believe God has molded me into a fighter and He doesn’t send me anyone that is not supposed to be my client. He also gives me the wisdom, intelligence and resources to WIN for those I represent. I have a passion for winning, caring, and supporting my clients. I take my client’s life and freedom seriously.


Q: How can people reach you?                                                      A: They can reach me at 855-5-SHE-law. I speak to every client personally.

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SHE will fight for justice.